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Are You An Artist?




Lisa Sammons

Elin Stebbins Waldal

Tamara Ramos

Kathryn Williams

Michelle Johnson Major



If So . . . Post inspiring art or even pictures, visual creativity that helps portray the issue of domestic violence and inspiration.  If you are posting pictures they can show people in action as they are working on the issue of domestic violence out in the community.  They can be from your own workshop, community event or show volunteers from your organization.  Please remember to post  what you have the personal rights to, or give proper credit to the art or picture.



Featured Art or Photo If you have art or photos that you would like to be considered for a Feature, please make your submission  by uploading it through the site from your profile.  Then send an email to av@couragenetwork.com.  Include the following information in your email:

  • Subject of Email:  Feature Art/Photo
  • Tell us your online name
  • Title of photograph and
  • A brief description of why you believe your art/photo should be a Feature on the network

We want our online community to be a place for everyone to enjoy.  All art and photos will be subject to approval before posting to our network.  We reserve the right to remove any art or photo from the network that does not abide by site Terms.