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Warning Signs of Immigrant Abuse

There are many warning signs to being abused in a domestic relationship.  In particular, immigrants experience a particular kind of abuse in addition to what others may experience in domestic violence.

Here are some warning signs of immigrant abuse.  For a complete list please click here.  Learn what makes healthy relationships by clicking here

Issues for Immigrants

  • Lies about your immigration status
  • Tells you that they have the ability to have your immigration status changed
  • Threatens to withdraw/not file the petition to legalize your immigration status 
  • Tells you that the U.S. will award the children to them 
  • Tells you that you have abandoned your culture and become "white" or "American"
  • Stops subscriptions or destroys newspapers and magazines in your language
  • Tells you that U.S. law allows abuse as long as it is in private
  • Threatens to report you to INS if you work without a permit
  • Takes money you send to your family
  • Forces you to sign papers written in a language you do not understand
  • Forbids you to learn English or communicate in your native language
  • Harasses you at the only job you can work at legally in the U.S. so that you will be forced to work illegally
  • Calls you a "mail order bride"
  • Alleges you had a history of prostitution on legal papers
  • Tells you that U.S. law requires you to have sex whenever he/she wants it

Resource:  www.cdh.org